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Welcome to the FAQs page of The Way Of Ray website! Here you can find the most asked question from the customers who frequent the site. I compiled them all to share it with you.

Q: What is a business mentor?

A: A business mentor is someone who is an expert in business and who has an extensive experience and knowledge in entrepreneurship. They are the ones who can support, advise and guide you on everything that is related to your business. Mentoring is given to the business owner and employees on a one-on-one basis or in a group session. I accept entrepreneurs whether you are just starting out or you want to expand your business. I am here to support and give you a specific idea.

Q. Who will be my business mentor?

A. I will be your business mentor. My name is Ray and I have an extensive experience in entrepreneurship. My skills and knowledge are matched to every individual’s business circumstances and requirements.

Q. Is there a cost to hire you as a business mentor?

A. Absolutely, clients of the Business Mentor pay a cost that is suitable and reasonable to my work, skills, and experience. I also offer a mentoring program for one hour for free. I advise you to take advantage of my one-hour free mentoring program. I assure you that you will hire me after that.

Q. When will I meet you after I hire you as my business mentor?

A. After we discuss all the business ideas and problems or the concept that you want for your business I will be giving you an option or I will contact you within 7 working days to arrange our meeting. I will make sure that our meeting times and locations will suit both us.

For further inquiries, I suggest to reach me via phone, visit me or send me an email. I will respond to all of your messages as soon as possible.