Are your Garage Door Springs Working Efficiently?

One of the common and most-reported problems is malfunctioning garage door spring. But the problem is, how do you know that your garage door springs need replacement. Well, click on the link to learn more about malfunctioning garage door springs.

  • Operate garage door manually

Disconnect the electric garage door opener and close the door by hand to test the performance of springs. Make sure that you have turned off the opener completely before going through the further procedures. Try to open and close the garage door manually to perform this test.

  • Lift your garage door on its half path

Lift your garage door manually to its halfway to evaluate whether it stays or not. Next release the door to be close, if it goes speedily then there is something wrong with it. It can be a warning that garage door springs are not adjusted properly and they need immediate replacement. If the garage door opens smoothly by hands and stays at the place where you left it then go to the next step.

  • Operate the garage door manually

Lift the garage door manually to open it. If this operation has been done smoothly and the garage door stays at its opened position then go to the next action. If you feel any trouble while operating the garage door in this way, it is a clear sign that garage door springs need adjustment or replacement quickly. It is better to call professional help.

  • Lowers the garage door to its half  path to check the garage door springs

Again, lowers the garage door by hand and let it stay there. If the garage door operated smoothly and stays at the point where you left it then it means the springs are in tip-top conditions. If this action happens properly, you will have to inspect the garage door springs carefully. They may need quick adjustment or replacement due to the frequent use of a garage door.

These steps will help you to evaluate the springs to know whether they are working smoothly or not. Regular inspection and maintenance of the garage door springs will help you to find and diagnose any upcoming problems with the springs before it becomes a major issue. Try to perform these safety tests for at least six months. It is also a good idea to conduct a periodical test before starting a new season. It just needs one hour to inspect how the garage door springs are performing. It will also save your money and protect you from troubles. It is strongly suggested to call an expert technician for garage door maintenance and keep them functional in the long run.