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About Us

I am Mr. Ray and you are in The Way Of Ray website! Learn more about me and hire me as your business mentor as you will get support, advice, and inspiration for growing your business only from me. I am an award-winning entrepreneur in the area of Kansas. I am an expert in the field of business. I can make your business grow through innovation. Yours truly has been serious in the business and in my career. I am dedicated and passionate in venturing to new ideas and techniques in any types of businesses. Because of this, I am very fortunate that in return, many opportunities come in my way so that I can share my success to everyone, especially with every business entrepreneur whether they are new in the field or wants to come back in the business. I am not only specializing in mentoring the business because I am also an expert in the field of writing. I do write books and articles about businesses. I offer services such as New Business Development, Research & Analysis, Leadership & Team Building, and many others.

For my full services offered, kindly see my services page or visit me in my office. You can also send me an email if you have no time to visit me so I can come and meet you to discuss everything you need to know in how to grow your business.

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I am Mr, Ray and this is my way of helping business entrepreneurs like me to step up in their game and walk in the flowery path. It may be hard for you at first to make your own business but with your passion and dedication and with the help of yours truly you can make your dreams and goals come true. Thank you for reading my file and I hope you will hire me so we can start work at all the things you need in your business.